Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY: Men’s Shirt Refashion

I am a big fan of Pinterest, it’s a great place to discover the most creative ideas about everything and anything !!! ‘Men’s shirt Refashion’ is one of those inspirations, I never knew Men’s shirt could be up cycled /refashioned in so many ways until I came across Pinterest (I will leave a link end of this tutorial for other inspirations).

Here is my twist on Men’s Shirt. This is one of my hubby’s old shirt that he wasn’t using anymore, so he was happy to donate it to my cause.

This shirt was loose on chest, sleeves but fits correctly on hip. so I started by separating the sleeves along the seam line(dotted line) and cutting the collar off . Later decided to broaden the neckline bit more by cutting along dotted line and gave it a boat shape.

The arm hole was too deep on me, so took in the arm hole by approx 1 1/2 inches and resized the chest as per my measurement, on both the sides. Before reattaching the sleeves to arm hole, I shortened the sleeve length so the sleeve hem falls 1 inch above my elbow. And sewed thin(quarter inch) elastic band, on the inner side of the sleeve, 2 inches above the sleeve hem to give it a bunched up look.

Attached the sleeves and hemmed around the neckline and Done !

Click Here for other Men’s shirt inspirations.

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