Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY: Statement Necklace

      My latest obsession: Statement Necklace
    Things you need: Cocktail rings or Brooches
                                 Hot glue gun, fabric or normal glue
                                 Embroidery threads or fabric cords

 You have two options for the cord, one is directly buying a twisted fabric cord from market and using, second is making it yourself ;) since I have lots of embroidery thread, I decided to go with second option .

Measure around the neck to decide on the length of the necklace.  Keep in mind the length shortens when we twist the threads so cut the thread accordingly. Mine measures to 22inches.

I chose thread colors matching my cocktail rings. Cut 5 Strings of each color. You can cut more strings or more colors depending on how thick you want your cord to be. Once all strings are cut, start twisting the strings of each color together and dab glue(fabric or normal glue) on top, as you go, to stop them from unravelling.

Once done twisting individual colors, let them dry for few minutes. And then twist all three together and dab glue along the length of it to hold them together. Let the cord dry for sufficient time before continuing.

Cut two pieces of ribbon of desired length and tie a knot with each end of the cord. Wrap excess ribbon or cord, if any at the tied end, around the knot and glue it in.

Cut off the ring/pin part of the jewelry. Using a hot glue gun, squeeze good amount of glue on the               back of the jewels and press them on to the cord.
Give sufficient time for the glue to dry, before trying on the necklace.

If you have given this a try or created your own version, please share your pictures in the comments below or on my Facebook page here , would love to see yours.

Thank you for stopping by :)

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