Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY: Pink me up :)

Well last summer, printed palazzo pants were all the craze. I got these high waist-ed pants for myself but disaster struck after first wash, they shrunk !! Arghhh !! even if I wear them at low waist the hem line barely touches my ankles, doesn't flatter me in any way :(
So with Summer coming up I turned this one time worn weird pants into cool dress that I will wear many times ;) ;)

Here is how you can do it too :
1. Separate the pant legs & waist band along the seams.

2.  Use left & right pant pieces for front & back of the dress. When u lay the pant leg open, the leg (thigh)hole of the pant is now neckline . Fold the fabric by taking the center of neckline(yellow line) as the center point. (Hope that made sense.)
Note: Wrong side of the fabric should be facing up.

3. We need few measurements, some length vise some width vise.
Length vise measurements: Shoulder to Chest [ S-C ]
                                             Shoulder to Waist [S-W ]
                                             Shoulder to Hip    [S-H ]
                                             Waist to Armhole [W-A]
Width vise measurements: Shoulder straps [ I kept mine 2 inches ]
                                           Chest measurement divided by 4
Mark all measurements on the fabric as seen below.

4. Connect all  points and add half inch seam allowance. And cut.

5. Fold the other leg of the pant in the same fashion with wrong side facing up and place the above cut fabric on top of it it and cut.

6. So now we have front & back pieces of the dress.

7. [Skip this step if you are happy with dress length]
Total length (shoulder to bottom hem) of the dress was too short for me, so I cut two rectangle pieces from leftover fabric to add to bottom of front & back pieces of the dress.

Place the rectangle piece & dress piece with right sides facing each other and stitch (yellow line).

8. Place the front & back pieces with right sides facing each other and stitch along the seam allowance(yellow line ).
Lastly, hem the neckline, armhole & bottom of the dress to finish.

Now your ready to flaunt your new spring/summer dress, like me...hehe :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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