Monday, January 26, 2015

2 Ways to pump up a basic outfit

Hey guys, how are you all doing ? Apologies for not posting in a long time, the cold snowy winters just make me want to curl up in a cozy place and hibernate ! Well, don’t we all ?
 I am back now and thought to do slightly different kinda of a post, where I can share few fashion rules/tips that I learnt and practice when I put my outfits together.
In the above pic, I have on a basic t-shirt, dark jeans and flats, a casual and simple outfit to run errands in but it is also tad bit boring, don’t you think ? How fun would it be if you can spice it up and wear it on other occasions too?! 
Let me show you two ways to style this basic outfit into a chic or cute look!

Step 1: Add a statement piece - Color /Pattern /Print /Texture /Shine

Step 2: Add a completer piece - Structured Jacket /Cardigan /Boyfriend blazer /Belt

Step 3: Add Accessories - Bag /shoes /clutch /jewelry
 Three simple steps to start building a perfect outfit. What do you think ? Remember to have fun and play around with different pieces to create new looks for your everyday adventures !
Thanks for stopping by :)

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