Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DIY Gathered Skirt with Pockets.

Hello Summer ! Time to show off those legs and put away our winter blues. Lets get started with this easy skirt with pockets. You will need 1 1/2 yards of fabric, waistline and waist to hem line measurement.
Start by cutting two rectangles, Width = Waist x 2+ one inch SA,
Height = depending on how long you want your skirt, I kept mine to 20 inches + one inch seam allowance.
Name the rectangles Front and back. Cut the back piece in half (picture above) so we can add a zipper.
Making pockets : Place your hand on a piece of paper and draw a tear shape around the hand (picture below).  Keep in mind to place the hand at a downward angle and give plenty of room around the hand. Pockets can be as deep as you want. When happy with the shape add 1/2 inch seam allowance all around like shown.
Place the paper pattern on folded fabric and cut around the pattern. You will have 2 pieces that are mirror image to each other. If you want pockets on both sides of the skirt then cut one more pair.
Now, You should have 4 pocket pieces, one long front piece, two smaller back pieces.
Place each pocket piece, right sides together, onto the skirt panels, one on each side and stitch (yellow pins). I placed the pocket 3 inches from the top of the skirt on all pieces.
Once the pockets are stitched. Lay front and back skirt panels, RST, stitch along the line shown below.

Now you will have one big rectangle panel, adjust the stitch length of you’re sewing machine to the longest and sew 2 lines along,  at 1/4th, 1/2 inch, from top of the skirt. Do not back stitch at both ends. Holding one of the threads, pull and gather until the width becomes equal to your waistline measurement.
Make a waist band by cutting a rectangle piece with width = 4 inches+one inch SA and length = waistline+1inch SA. I added interface(optional) to band. First fold in half inch SA on top and bottom, iron to hold in place and then fold waist band in half.
Insert the above gathered side of the skirt into the folded waist band(right pic below) and stitch across to secure both pieces in place.
Now sew in a zipper(Video here) to back of the skirt and lastly hem the skirt. 
And Done, ready to twirl in your new skirt !

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