Friday, August 19, 2016

DIY A-Line Maxi Skirt

 There is something romantic and flirty about maxi skirts, a perfect staple for summery nights and casual meets. Style it casually with a loose drop shoulder crop top or dress it up with lace body suit, endless possibilities ! 

I choose to make this skirt without a lining, as it would give me flexibility to wear short or long slip underneath. I was going for light and airy vibe with this one. Check out my other skirt tutorials here and here . 

Things you will need :
One and half  to two yards of fabric, 
Scissors, fabric pins, sewing machine
Matching thread and zipper.

Fold the fabric in half widthwise and fold that in half again. So that we have four layers of fabric to work with. Now take an old skirt that fits you perfectly at the waist and fold it twice along the waist and place it at the top edge of folded side of the fabric. Cut through four layers, along the skirt neck (as seen in picture below). 
 Now when you open the top fold, you will have your waist line cut out. From the edge of the waist line cut a diagonal line to the bottom of the fabric (or to your desired length) on both sides . Sew both side seam close, leaving few inches on one side for the Zipper. (Pic below)
Make a waist band with length = to your waist measurement , width = 3 inches. You can add interface or lining to the band to make it crisp( It’s totally optional). Now fold the band in half widthwise, and sew at half inch seam allowance.  
Connect the skirt and waist band by placing them right sides together. Raw edges of the skirt and the band are touching, make sure to match up both ends. Sew at half inch seam allowance. 
Last step is to flip the waist band up and add a zipper at the opening we have left in the side seam of the skirt. I refer to this video on how to install zipper (works for both regular and invisible zipper).
And you have brand new skirt to show off ! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Comment below if you have any questions. 
Thank you for stopping by :)

PS: Apologies if the some of the pictures seem blurry or poor quality :(  My loyal DSLR made a suicide jump from my hands on to the floor, working on getting it fixed. Until then iPhone camera it is  !

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